Projection Carts

Statuevision was able to augment the experience of Dupont Circle with large-scale animated projections because all systems involved were designed to be portable. Six performers had their own carts, each equipped with:

  • Top Lighting: 12V incandescent overhead lighting with hand-made lampshade,
  • Projector: Dell HD700 3000 Lumin Projector,
  • Laptop: Macbook or Macbook Pro,
  • Statue Cards: Custom designed/printed “baseball card” format informational aids,
  • Side Panels: Lasercut 0.006″ polystyrene with Statuevision logo,
  • Battery: LiFO4 100 Amp Hour,
  • Inverter: 1000 Watt,
  • Speaker: Mackie amplified 150 Watt public announcement system,
  • Bottom Lighting: RGBWW remote-controllable strip lighting

An adjustable, incandescent lamp above each cart provided the student speakers with a spotlight as they spoke about the projections. The Projector remained firmly mounted to the cart with a Magic Arm and clamp. The lighting, projector, speaker and computer received power from a battery fastened to the inside of the cart that remained hidden by white paneling, bearing the branded Statuevision name and logo. The bottom of each cart glowed with white light as the students spoke, and red light when the students transitioned from one cart to another, because of RGBWW controllable strip lighting lining the base. These carts were designed and assembled specially for the Stautevision project.

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