Capitol Hill Montessori

Statuevision explores learning through creative engagement with public history. By working with the community, Statuevision is able to bring together a cross-generational audience for the creative retelling of DC’s history through the eyes of school children as mediated by animated projections.

Not only was Statuevision DC a public performance, it also became a learning platform on three levels.

1) The Statuevision team worked with teachers at Capitol Hill Montessori to fabricate materials that were used for teaching students about the history of DC through the figures represented in the statues and monuments that the children see every day.
2) On the night of the performance, the school children taught passersby about the statues they had learned about, and in turn, continued learning through their interaction with the audience, who shared information about the statues they too had come to know.
3) Trading cards and individual Facebook pages were created for each statute, containing all media content and historical information collected by Statuevision. This collateral material became publicly available online for any students interested in learning about the monuments, or teachers hoping to share Statuevision resources with their classes.

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